Rave Review: Tina & Mike

Review from Tina & Mike:

What was your favorite wedding photo?

I really cant pin point one out of the hundreds, I have so many favorites.

How did the wedding photographer avoid disrupting the day? Great with candids? Action shots? Portraits?

There are so many great family shots but some of my favorite candid shots are when my son was doing something to make me left you me in the background cracking up…great memories!

What was included in your wedding photo package? Albums? DVDs? Engagement pics? Two photographers?

What wasnt included in our wedding package?!?! Everything that was included was engagement session, guest book (amazing), 2 photographers at wedding they were there from start to get ready till end of night, beautiful slide show…hope im not leaving anything out

How did the photographer make you and family comfortable?

David and Jody are truly amazing photographers! I have looked at all pictures of our wedding and I am going to have a hard time picking out my favs for our album. They caught every moment so beautifully. This was one vendor that I could say it was worth every penny!!! They caught all the funny moments throughout the night of my son, which are some of my favorite pictures. These pictures are the memories that were captured that we will have for life. I was so stressed before wedding and in the pictures you wouldnt even be able to tell, Jody made me feel so pretty with the different poses and had all the right things to say to try and loosen me up. I highly recommend them for your next wedding and engagement photos!!!


Rave Review: Kelly & Zach

Review from Kelly:

Holy cow. There are so many to choose from. I have several from our engagement with the beautiful sunsets and clouds at the beach. I also have several from our wedding- Zach and I under the arch “seek happiness,” a few with the MG old fashioned car, a couple of us dancing, a picture with my brother, some with my mom getting ready, and a couple dancing with my father. It’s hard to choose.

They gave themselves plenty of time. They were prepared beforehand and asked questions of what we wanted. Candids and action shots were great. Portraits were good as well.

Our wedding package included all pics from the wedding, an album, a slideshow of our pics, an engagement session, and a guestbook of pictures. It included more than most other vendors.

We got to know them through several meetings during the months prior and my husband and I had an engagement session. They are very personable.


Rave Review: Sherree & Kenneth

Review from Sherree:

David and Jody are Fabulous photographers. They captured some of the most precious moments at our wedding. We just celebrated our one year anniversary and after looking at our wedding album, it felt as if we just got married yesterday. In addition, they are sweetest people you’ll ever meet. I would like to share a personal experience that melted my heart. The day of our wedding, Jody offered to let me wear her bracelet because I didn’t have one and it matched my dress and necklace. She didn’t have to do that, but that moment in my dressing room was so special and I will never forget it. We appreciate all that the two of you have done for us. Thanks for capturing the moments on our wedding day.

Rave Review: Jessica & Aaron

Another rave review for R & R, this one from Jessica:

Jody and David are truly amazing! They did our engagement photos as well as our wedding photos and they were an absolute delight to work with! Their ability to get amazing shots and with such detail to everything is truly a gift! I would recommend their services to any of my close friends and family without a shadow of a doubt! The two of them were professional, easy to work with and very flexible. The end result, our photos were truly breath taking! We have received so many compliments on their photo abilities.

I am truly 100% satisfied with the service we received from RandR Creative Photography and from David and Jody personally. I felt like they were family from the first moment we met. They made both my husband and I feel comfortable and relaxed during the engagement photos and at the wedding.

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Rave Review: Casey & Mauricio

Another rave review for R & R, this one from Casey:

We had Dave & Jody do our wedding photos and engagement photos. WOW!!!!

Our pictures have come out so amazing. We have so many people that have commented on how beautiful the pictures have come out for both the engagement photos and for the wedding photos. 

Dave and Jody have been doing photography for years and the quality definitely shows. I know Photoshop can do a lot to make a photo look good, but their skill with their tools cannot be manipulated with a computer application. Also, when it comes time for the composition of the photo book, Jody is a master. She will run it down as to how she does what she does, if you want her to, or you just let her do it. Either way, you will see the phenomenal results that come about from what they do. 

They care, not just about how the pictures will come out, but also about your satisfaction as a customer. A quality that didn’t seem to matter to some of the vendors I met with. One in particular made me feel like he was too good to do my wedding. You won’t get that with Dave and Jody.

We had a great time with them also. They are such a cute couple. 

Like I said about the other Vendors we had, they care about you and your happiness, not just about getting paid. It comes through in the quality of the photos and the genuine smiles they will get from your family.

Rave Review: Jayme & James

Another rave review for R & R Creative Photography on Wedding Wire:

Now that our wedding is over, I wanted to follow up with my review for R & R Photography… they were just as fantastic for our wedding as they were for our engagement pictures.

They were so efficient and extremely professional.  They knew every photo to take and what shots would look good.  Even our wedding guests were making comments the whole night about how awesome they were! From capturing our first kiss, to catching everyone’s moves on the dance floor, Dave and Jody were dedicated to documenting every moment of our big day.

They made our big day stress free and were quite professional the whole time.  It was spectacular to have the ease of knowing they were doing a great job.  I would strongly recommend them to anyone!!

Thank you as always Dave and Jody for being a part of a huge milestone… your works of art are breathtaking!!