Malibu Creek State Park Engagement Session Focuses on Love!

Dani & Robert have a unique romance and personality…and it was our job to capture the romance, joy, love and fun that these two share.  Engagement sessions are such an important tool for us, as wedding photographers, to get to know the couples who trust us with their wedding memories.


Dani chose a cowgirl theme since she grew up on a ranch and this was such a big part of her life.  Robert was more than glad to go along for the ride.  And what a fun ride is was!  After viewing many locations, Dani & Robert chose Malibu Creek because of the majestic trees, and overwhelming natural beauty. With all the rain we have recently enjoyed the surroundings were so lush and green,and there was even water running through the creek.

We knew we were in for fun after the very first shot when we asked Robert to pick Dani up.


From there on in it was GAME ON!  We explored so many different areas and had so much fun…we couldn’t wait to share these!



Whether they were running through the tall grass or climbing trees it was evident to us that these two shared a deep love and great affection for one another.


Robert thought climbing one of the mighty trees was a good idea, so who were we to argue?  Of course we waited for Dani to change into her jeans!


As the afternoon was drawing to a close, we found some awesome backlit tress to do some dramatic silhouette portraits.


We also set up with a new take on Robert’s proposal to Dani- he proposed on bended knee on a Sunday morning at church after Dani had finished singing a solo- in front of the entire congregation!!!


We captured Robert in this quiet moment where we can only imagine he was dreaming of Dani.


So many magical moments that we were lucky enough to capture; we can only imagine what these two have in store for us at their wedding!





And of course we made it back to the creek just in time to have them shed their cowboy boots and roll up their pant legs for one last shot! (or two)



Thanks for the memories Dani & Robert!

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