Rave Review: Kelly & Zach

Review from Kelly:

Holy cow. There are so many to choose from. I have several from our engagement with the beautiful sunsets and clouds at the beach. I also have several from our wedding- Zach and I under the arch “seek happiness,” a few with the MG old fashioned car, a couple of us dancing, a picture with my brother, some with my mom getting ready, and a couple dancing with my father. It’s hard to choose.

They gave themselves plenty of time. They were prepared beforehand and asked questions of what we wanted. Candids and action shots were great. Portraits were good as well.

Our wedding package included all pics from the wedding, an album, a slideshow of our pics, an engagement session, and a guestbook of pictures. It included more than most other vendors.

We got to know them through several meetings during the months prior and my husband and I had an engagement session. They are very personable.


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