Debbie & Andrew’s Wedding Under Blue Skies at the Westlake Village Inn is a Perfect Day

Debbie & Andrew were referred to us over a year ago by our long time friend Carol Bloom (check out the last photo to see the redheads together-Jody & Carol).  Debbie’s mom Diane and I were convinced that we had in fact met each other several times over the past twenty-five years- at Bloom family events.  We really felt like this was a family affair – we saw so many people we knew at the wedding, but I will save that info for a later post.  Right now I want to get this post up so the non-Facebook family members can see some photos.

It seems crazy that we actually worried about the possibility of rain if you look at the amazing blue skies in these image…but you know how the weather forecast can be.  I guess they wouldn’t call it weather if it wasn’t for the fact that they don’t know whether or not it’s going to happen.  The day was picture perfect in every way and this romantic couple made us feel giddy with happiness for them. It just goes to show you that planning really pays off and you can’t beat the Tuscan Garden at the Westlake Village Inn for the perfect wedding ceremony location.  R & R Creative Photography is always happy to work at this amazing venue known for its beauty and the great service you receive.

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