The Victorian in Santa Monica is the Perfect Venue for the Perfect Match as Thresa & Keith Wed

0211_Thresa&Keith_J1195Thresa is a long time friend of ours, who we had not seen in several years when we exchanged enthusiastic hugs at the bridal show two years ago.  We were thrilled to hear of her upcoming wedding and catch up.  The Victorian in Santa Monica is a remarkable location and it seemed perfect for T’s impeccable taste and personality.  T is an accomplished writer who pens a wonderful blog about everyday life titled: ” Tea With T. Katz and shared this story of their romance- Tea With T. Katz  The color theme of cream and cappuccino was understated elegance to perfection. Charmaine’s flowers fit perfectly, and enhanced the dress and decor.  It seemed like every detail you could possibly imagine had been thought of and guests were treated to a bevy of special touches that proclaimed the love match at hand.

Thresa takes a quiet moment to reflect on the day before meeting Keith for their “first look”.  T’s stunning dress is from Ann Barge.


Anticipation filled the air as Thresa ascended the staircase and saw Keith for the first time.  You could feel the words from their invitation which read: ” All the roads, all the miles, all the stories have led to you.0001_Thresa&Keith_J1195


Theirs really is a true love story, much more intense than Hollywood could ever imagine.


We just loved the expressions on Thresa’s beloved children Jordan & Shaina as they watched this duo smooching in the window.0203_Thresa&Keith_J1195-Edit

It was so great to see Thresa’s children having so much fun with Keith- the relationships and love shared were crystal clear.

Fun, fun and even more fun!0312_Thresa&Keith_J1195


The You Are Loved Banner summed up the feelings during the family photos.  The invitations and Save the Date cards were created by Lucky Luxe:  a self described Southern Modern Vintage Wedding Paper Company.

While the ladies awaited the ceremony upstairs in style, the gentlemen were in the Rathskeller having a little fun with the blackboard.

One of the most poignant moments of the day was captured while Thresa listened to the ceremony music through the closed door as she waited to walk down the aisle.


We love the happiness the bridal party and moms shared after the ceremony.
0641_Thresa&Keith_J1195The tables at the reception were named after places T & Keith had been during their courtship (they were also posted on a a map showing their hometown of Watsonville, California -which is where they met in high school- which is why they chose Manzanita branches for the centerpieces.  The name of the Watsonville High School yearbook was “Manzanita”) as “Ground Zero”.  They played with the names of restaurants, cities, artistic venues and places they had lived.  Some of the unique and personal table names were:  Avenida Casa Vega, Ahmanson Avenue, Via Galleria, Borders Boulevard, Madison Thoroughfare, Rue d’Edgeview, Place du Paris, Glacier Way, London Lane, Santa Barbara Way, Esplanade du Nord, Santa Monica Place, and of course, their current destination …Ever After Road!  Instead of traditional gifts, they asked their guests to make a donation to the arts through the Young Musicians Foundation and Cornerstone Theatre.


The beautiful rings pictured above came from Single Stone in downtown Los Angeles.  Jill’s Cake Creation’s spectacular three tier cake was filled with delicious Boston Creme and Strawberry Mousse.  There were even gluten free cupcakes, so everyone had the perfect sweet option.

There were almost too many special touches to mention.  Here are a few (the pictures really tell the whole story)- there was a clock with the “Gift of Time” and flags and notes to leave messages for the bride and groom, a world map which was the seating chart, escort cards in their own wine cork holders, framed pictures of family members and famous dancers displayed all around the rooms in The Victorian, their very own postmark, pashminas to keep the ladies warm, tea treat bags, and more love than any room could possibly contain- it was overflowing.  In addition to traditional beverages, the also had speciality cocktails: Mojito and Lemon Drop Martinis.  Heather Edward’s from Let’s Skip coordinated it all effortlessly.  And let’s not forget….LOVE was in the air…EVERYWHERE!!!


Shaina serenaded the newlyweds with her guitar and her magnificent voice…it was just amazing!

Fireside Events and their DJ kept the party going all night long!


The grand exit with flags to escort the newlyweds to their waiting 1927 white Packcard vintage car as their limo.  It was decorated to the nines and ready for them to make their getaway.  Remember…a love story never ends!  We know this one never will!  Thank you again for sharing your memories with us.  We wish you and your amazing family all the best!

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