Photos from Erin & Dari’s Engagement (Part 1)

For a minute we thought SJP (Sarah Jessica Parker) was at the studio when Erin arrived ready to go — besides being quite striking, she bears quite a resemblance to the star. Erin & Dari started their engagement sitting here at the studio so Erin could have the opportunity to pose in her traditional Qashqai wedding attire with Dari. We could have spent all day with the magnificent colors and multi-layered garments, but it was off to Angeles National Golf Club for some more romantic portraits.

UPDATE (3/11/11) from Erin: It’s Erin, OMG — the photos look more than amazing! Thanks so very much for taking such beautiful pictures. We could not be happier.

One thought on “Photos from Erin & Dari’s Engagement (Part 1)

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