Audrey & Jeff’s Fairytale Wedding Has San Fernando Valley Heads Turning

Audrey was one of the most organized and detail-oriented brides ever.  From her sparkly dancing shoes to the amazing orchid bouquet, she planned her wedding to Jeff meticulously for over a year.

What Audrey did not know was that her parents had listened to their only daughter very carefully over the years.  They knew that her perfect wedding would include a Cinderella-style horse-drawn carriage to carry her and her  Prince Charming away after a traditional church ceremony.

It was quite a feat to to pull off both the surprise to Audrey & Jeff and to find a carriage company willing to park in front of Our Lady of Grace on Ventura  Blvd. in Encino.  But her parents were determined.  They alerted us the day before the wedding and we were ready.

The look on Audrey’s face as she got a peek outside the church door during the recessional was priceless. What followed was overwhelming for everyone in attendance. Traffic stopped momentarily on Ventura Blvd., heads turned, horns honked, onlookers waved, and the couple was jubilant.  So were the photographers!

We want to give her parents Sandra and Victor a special thank you for letting us know this was going to happen…we know where your daughter got her planning skills.

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