Jennifer & Phillip’s Wedding at the Airtel Plaza is a Family Affair

Jennifer & Phillip’s wedding at the Airtel Plaza in Van Nuys was all about family and romance.  When we first entered the bride’s hotel room to do our prep shots we were taken aback by Jennifer’s twin sister- after doing a double take and reassuring ourselves that we weren’t having double vision- the excitement began.  Jennifer & Phillip’s children was prominent participants in the day and we had a great time capturing them.  From the sheer joy of being allowed to wear lip gloss of their young daughter, to their son’s sense of responsibility for taking as many photos as he could with the cell phone given to him for such purpose (check out the one he was snapping in the middle of the ceremony) to all special shots of the kid’s during the day- we totally enjoyed them.

The Airtel’s Midway Garden looked beautiful underneath the puffy clouds, and although it got a little chilly and windy after the ceremony, we were glad the rain held off long enough for this gang to get married.  The lighting in the Gulfstream Ballroom was amazing and we must say- we have never seen this venue look better.  Jennifer & Phillip and family- all of your hard work and attention to detail really made your wedding very special and we felt privileged to share the day with you.  It was great to see your dad the photographer again after more than 20 years as well.

Enjoy your family- we certainly did!

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