Love Conquers All

Trish and Micael’s story proves love conquers all, especially distance. There story is a testament to the powers of love and that anything is possible! Here’s their story:

Trish had recently moved back to California, after living in Arizona for a few years. Coming home with the desire to start over, little did she know coming home would be the start of the best adventure of her life.  Moving in with her two best friends John & Becky, Trish spent months moping around, until Becky decided it was time to stop the cycle and go shopping! Every girl loves to shop right? It’s the perfect cure, and can lead to a chance encounter that can change your life.

As usual the weather was beautiful so the girls went down to 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica. As they were browsing the kiosks Trish heard a strange accent from a man standing next to her. She couldn’t help herself from eavesdropping to try to figure out where he was from. Inquiring about the interesting man next to her, Trish asked Becky where she thought he was from. Her response, as any good girlfriend would say, was “I don’t know, why don’t you ask him.”

To Trish’s surprise, when she turned to finally talk to the gentleman, he was already staring at her with an adorable smile on his face. This handsome stranger had overheard Trish’s conversation with Becky, and caught her off-guard. He gave a little chuckle and said, “Well, are you going to ask me where I’m from?”

That simple little sentence was the ice-breaker that started it all. As they started talking Trish’s interest in this handsome stranger, now known as Micael, grew. Unfortunately, he was only in town for 3 more days; before he was to return to Switzerland! Not giving up, Trish invited Micael to accompany her and Becky to Magic Mountain when he was in town next. Unable to exchange phone numbers due to the expensive cost of communication, their friendship grew through Facebook.

Chatting back and forth on Facebook, Trish and Micael decided to set up a Skype date. After months of developing a friendship, it was clear it was destined to be more. The long distance relationship was not easy with a 9 hour time difference; but with dedication they both proved love can conquer anything. He would wake up an hour earlier than his usual time before getting ready for work just to talk to Trish, and again before he went to bed. Only managing to see each other almost every 3 to 4 months, finally being reunited on January 4th 2013, Trish not only got to see the man she loved, but it would be a day she would never forget.

After a beautiful dinner at the Odyssey, they walked around Griffith Park Observatory. Luckily, the night was clear and the city sparkled as they stood holding each other. He confessed his love for Trish and then dropped down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Trish found herself saying yes before he could even finish asking the question!




Missy & Greg’s Wedding at Valencia Country Club: Vintage Shabby Chic Lights up the Night

You would think that if you went to kiss a girl at the end of a first date, and completely missed her mouth and had your tongue land on her nose, you might give up and never see her again. Luckily, Greg was not ever giving up on Missy. Persistence and love paid off—the relationship blossomed, and their June wedding was the culmination of many years of perfect kisses, planning, and romance.

Hours and hours of meticulous care were taken to transform Valencia Country Club into a pink & white, vintage, shabby chic wonderland. Charmaine filled Missy’s vision with fabulous flowers, Rusty and A V Party Rentals provided all the rental items, Sharon Stanman of Painted Joy contributed hand-lettered signs, Missy’s own father actually created and manufactured the doors they entered through, and J & M Entertainment‘s Jorge Lopez was the MC to the partying and fun, which was nonstop and even included one of the Backstreet Boys (!) dancing with his new wife out on the dance floor. We felt fortunate to be there to capture it all—check out our smiling faces at the end!


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Vintage Backyard Wedding Spotlighted in New Composites

Jennifer & Andy had a traditional ceremony at Blessed Kateri Catholic Church and a vintage inspired, elegant reception in Jennifer’s parents’ spacious Agua Dulce backyard.  Check out the amazing attention to detail, and the purple and brown color scheme.  Charmaine’s Bouquet Canyon Florist provided the beautiful flowers to complement Jennifer’s vision.

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Nikki & Jeremy’s Vintage Fall Wedding at Gardens of Paradise

Nikki & Jeremy’s wedding had it all…a beautiful location, an awesome, fun, funky couple, a horse drawn carriage, the In-N- Out Burger truck for a midnight snack, Adee Dory coordinating every detail, fabulous flowers from Charmaine’s Florist, loving family & friends.  The photographs tell the story.  Enjoy!

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Romantic Backyard Wedding in Santa Clarita of Maria & Lalo

We have known Maria & Lalo for quite a while.  They  first met us at their cousin’s wedding we photographed several years ago.  Their wedding was originally scheduled for last June, but Maria’s deployment to Iraq forced them to push the wedding ahead for a year.  Lalo is a Marina recruiter and Maria is in the U.S. Army.  Their adorable daughter Isabella is a student.  Maria’s cousins graciously offered their beautiful Santa Clarita hilltop home for the intimate ceremony and fun filled reception.  Isabella was a very important participant in the planning and execution of this perfect day.  And yes, Lalo’s tears were real when he saw his beautiful bride.  We were proud to share this amazing day with this special couple and their family.

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The Paseo Club in Valencia is the Perfect Wedding Location for Romantic Wedding of Shannon & Chris

Adorable, fun, happy and romantic are just a few of many adjectives I would use to describe Shannon & Chris.  The groom is Ali Hodek’s brother.  Ali runs the Bar & Grill, Private Events and Catering departments at the Paseo Club.  She holds a culinary arts degree from Le Cordon Bleu and is a certified wedding planner.  She was born and raised in the Santa Clarita Valley and has worked locally as a pastry chef and event coordinator.  Needless to say, Ali pulled out all the stops for her brother and his beautiful bride.  The entire wedding was a family collaboration.  Shannon’s sister was her maid of honor, and I think it was a first for us, when she requested a photograph of her picking the bride up.  Chris’ dad’s Blues Brothers rendition had the entire reception crowd laughing hysterically.

There were too many special moments to innumerate here, but we hope the photos help tell the story and show how fabulous a location the Paseo Club is.Charmaine  of Charmaine’s Bouquet Canyon Florist  did the flowers for the bouquets and personal flowers and Ali made all the flower balls, baked the cake, coordinated all the decorating of the room and reception site, and coordinated all the details during the day.  It was our absolute pleasure to be on hand to share the day with these two awesome families.

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Bellisima Bride Bridal Show Marketing Photo Shoot at Tournament Player’s Club in Valencia

It truly takes a village… Sandra Lopez of J & M Entertainment and The Bellisama Bride Bridal Show called us to do some photos for the new marketing campaign for the August 7, 2011 upcoming bridal show at the Valencia Hyatt.  Adriana Cruz Farrell was on board to model a new dress from the Maggie Soltera collection and Sandra & Adriana Farrell came along to TPC- Tournaments Player’s Club- Valencia with us to help.  (Check out Dave & Sandra helping Adriana onto the fence) We wanted to catch the beautiful end of the day light so we started at 6pm and needed to be done by 7pm to accommodate everyone’s schedules.

Sandra & Adriana were amazing assistants and we never could have done it without their help.  We couldn’t leave without checking out the bridge that we had noticed on our way out to the site.  Sandra was on hand to bring the bouquet into the scene (Check out our model in waiting) Adriana’s professionalism and elegance made it easy for us to capture these images.  We still think they could increase golf cart sales with the pose of Adriana on the back of the cart!  Thank you to everyone  for making this a memorable evening for us.

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Debbie & Andrew’s Wedding Under Blue Skies at the Westlake Village Inn is a Perfect Day

Debbie & Andrew were referred to us over a year ago by our long time friend Carol Bloom (check out the last photo to see the redheads together-Jody & Carol).  Debbie’s mom Diane and I were convinced that we had in fact met each other several times over the past twenty-five years- at Bloom family events.  We really felt like this was a family affair – we saw so many people we knew at the wedding, but I will save that info for a later post.  Right now I want to get this post up so the non-Facebook family members can see some photos.

It seems crazy that we actually worried about the possibility of rain if you look at the amazing blue skies in these image…but you know how the weather forecast can be.  I guess they wouldn’t call it weather if it wasn’t for the fact that they don’t know whether or not it’s going to happen.  The day was picture perfect in every way and this romantic couple made us feel giddy with happiness for them. It just goes to show you that planning really pays off and you can’t beat the Tuscan Garden at the Westlake Village Inn for the perfect wedding ceremony location.  R & R Creative Photography is always happy to work at this amazing venue known for its beauty and the great service you receive.

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Photos from Erin & Dari’s Wedding at Oakmont Country Club

Erin & Dari’s wedding at Oakmont Country Club in Glendale was the perfect day you would expect from this storybook couple (previously featured in this blog — Part 1, Part 2). Their ceremony was a unique blend of cultures, individuals and love. More than once, this photographer had to wipe tears from her eyes and take a deep breath to go on, touched by the outpouring of love and support from family and friends.

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Valencia Country Club Bridal Show

The weather was our friend yesterday at the beautiful Valencia Country Club for a beautiful bridal show with lots of great vendors. We were happy to meet some great brides and talk about their upcoming weddings. The fashion show and mock wedding were the highlight of the show.

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